News for 6/30/97

[Five year old gets his first Ace!!](

[Hong Kong hand-over imperils Net freedom](
by Dave Plottnikof of the “San Jose Mercury”

[The Clash burn the Burn](
in Brian Quinn’s first game as head coach

Michelle McGann kicks butt at the [ShopRite LPGA Classic]( page.

[Siskel]( likes
Face/Off too!

Sorry Bill, [Teachers still want Macs](

News for 6/26/97

[Supreme Court affirms lower court rulings on CDA](

Truth, Justice, and the American Way won out today in a
Supreme Court decision to declare the
[Communications Decency Act]( unconstitutional!

The San Jose Clash have made a
[Coaching Change](

The [San Jose Clash]( web site

News for 6/25/97

[Welcome to Jeremy’s GOLFIN’ Tips!](

[Birth of Sutter’s son provided life lesson (6/23/1997)](

[First Look: Apple Picks Up the Tempo](

[The Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5](

How are Macs being used to create
[MBabylon 5](

[Adversity will test Tiger](

[The Jackie Chan Webzone](

News for 6/24/97

From Filmzone: [Jackie Chan Will Kick Your Ass!](

Cool!! [Jackie Chan – The Big List O’Stunts](

Here’s a list of [Jackie Chan Pages](

[Apple makes up with clone makers](,4,11795,00.html.)

Carney’s Corner now has a “Guestbook”.
Please sign in and let me know what you think!.

How does [Tiger deal with success](

News for 6/23/97

I’m playing
GolfWeb – Summitpointe Golf Course
in July. I hope my game is in order!

Need help in your golf game? [GolfWeb – Instruction]( might be
able to help.

[Ghost towns and empires from early Web sites (6/20/1997)](

Ernie Els goes wire to wire at the [Buick Classic](

News for 6/21/97

The [Breaker Morant]( page.

The [GolfWeb – Everything Golf on the World Wide Web!]( page.

The [MacFixIt (Home Page)]( page.

The [MacCentral Home Page]( page.

The [The Wicked Good Guide to Boston English]( page.

The biography of [[Charles Francis Carney]] has been updated to include a doctor’s summary of his cause of death.