Battlestar Galactica Timeline

For those of you trying to keep track of what’s happened when in the Galactiaverse, check this out:

From Battlestar Wiki:

Battlestar Galactica Timeline: This article attempts to plot the events illustrated or mentioned in the history and prehistory of the Twelve Colonies in the Re-imagined Series.
All dates use the day of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies as the central time marker for all events in the series. Items that occur before the Fall are marked as “BCH”, or “Before Cylon holocaust”. Given the few and somewhat contradictory dates about the Colonials’ ancient history and the exodus from Kobol, that part of the timeline is speculative.

This is a very comprehensive look at the timeline, and has cleared a few things up for me after last week’s revelations. It should make watching the show this week a bit easier to follow.

Their Favorite Moments

From SCI FI Wire:

Battlestar Stars Remember Their Favorite Moments: Some moments stick with you forever. Big moments, like when we learned Boomer was a Cylon or when the Cylons invaded New Caprica and descended upon what was left of the unprepared human race. And small moments, such as when Roslin called Adama because she didn’t want to get out of bed and they playfully chatted. So many moments that together make up all that SCI FI’s Battlestar Galactica has come to mean to those of us who have followed this astonishing journey.

For those of you out there that are fans, you might find this to be interesting. Most of the favorite moments aren’t what you expect, but they are all interesting.

Join The Fight

From Join The Fight at SciFi:

Battlestar Galactica: Join the Fight: The truce between Humans and Cylons has been broken and now all fighters need to prepare for the ensuing battle. As warriors, you must continue to build up the fleet by outfitting your ships with bigger, better weapons and engines, and also by optimizing your strategic sleuth for a tactical take-down of the other side.

A **Battlestar Galactica** socia gaming experience??? Sounds at least… *interesting*.