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More Mark’s Daily Apple Readers “Go Primal”It has been quite a journey so far... I’ve always considered August 4th 2009 as my start point. That is when I started to record this experience. My weight was 234 lbs. Today I’m at 192 lbs. My waist has gone from 46 inches to 39 inches. My chest has shrunk from 49 inches to 44 inches.

You gotta love it. I’ve had similar results: Lost 50 lbs and 6 inches on my waist, blood pressure dropped, liver function dramatically improved (cholesterol down to 160 from 240), and I get to eat real food. I’ve kept the weight down and the health up for 4 years now, and have never once counted a calorie. C’mon everyone… if you’re struggling and following some diet based on conventional wisdom, give the Primal Blueprint a try and see some real results.