Sexy = Banned, Unless You’re SI

From TechCrunch:

While Other Bikini Apps Are Banned, iTunes Promotes Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit App: Apple is getting more prudish and pulling sexy apps from iTunes. One of the new rules is no more bikini apps, unless you happen to be Sports Illustrated (or FHM or Playboy). Sports Illustrated, for instance, just released its 2010 Swimsuit app on iTunes on February 9, before the ban really started. The SI Swimsuit app is filled with pictures of bikini-clad models.

Gotta say, if this is the way it shakes out, I’m really disappointed in Applee. That just ain’t right.

Competing with Apple

From Mark Damon Hughes:

Competing with the iPhone: It’s got to be so annoying to compete with Apple, at anything really, because it’s not like they’re doing something fucking crazy. Everybody’s had these ideas before. The difference, and this is grim if you are a competitor, but the difference is that everyone else spends a lot of time (and often, money) determining why those things aren’t possible. And then it comes out, for real, only you didn’t make it. Some other guys did. And when you come out with what is (on paper) a better version of the same thing, maybe even multiple times over, it’s too late.

You made a “product” to compete with their “product,” tastefully arranging your regiment, only to discover that they hadn’t made a product at all – they made a narrative. A statement about how technology should interface with a life.

I’m not saying this to be mean, or get my kicks, or to engage in psychic vampirism. Competing with these fucking people must be a genuinely harrowing state of affairs.

That’s the thing. It’s not that Apple always creates better stuff by all definitions of “better”, is just that they seem to get the whole picture better.

Microsoft Discloses Windows 7 Pricing

From Slashdot:

Microsoft Discloses Windows 7 Pricing: It’s the tripnaut! writes “Information Week has posted prices for Windows 7. From the article: ‘The full version of Windows 7 Home Premium is priced at $199, with an upgrade from Vista or XP costing $119. The full version of Windows 7 Professional is $299, with upgrades going for $199. Windows 7 Ultimate is priced at $319, with the upgrade version at $219.’ In a nod to the global economic downturn, it is interesting to note that prices are 10% lower than Vista.”

Ahhh…. yeah. Upgrade pricing to the Ultra Premium Snow Leopard OSX: $29. Full Price: $129. Who’s got the lower cost of ownership???

Oh yea… and Ultra Premium Ubuntu: $0.

Vista Safest? Yeah… Right!

From Slashdot:

Vista Post-SP2 Is the Safest OS On the Planet: pkluss noted Kevin Turner, COO of Microsoft making the proclamation that “Vista today, post-Service Pack 2, which is now in the marketplace, is the safest, most reliable OS we’ve ever built. It’s also the most secure OS on the planet, including Linux and open source and Apple Leopard. It’s the safest and most secure OS on the planet today.”


Mac Mini Running Inside an Apple Disk II Case

From Mactopolis:

Mac Mini Running Inside an Apple Disk II :

How retro and cool is this? Certainly one for the extreme mac geek, creator and no doubt mac fan Charles Mangin created this gem. A Mac Mini encased inside an old Apple Disk II Case. Brilliant. Check out the images below:

You gotta love this! Maybe one of these years I’ll end up with a mac mini and be able to find one of these drive cases to do this mod. Imagine, a computer 100’s of times more powerful than the Apple II, in the case for the floppy drive!

The Macintosh Software Dating Game


The Macintosh Software Dating Game: Circa 1983: I don’t think this video requires much description. It takes place in 1983 at an Apple Event. Featured in this “Software Dating Game” are Fred Gibbons, President of Software Publishing Corporation; Mitch Kapor, President of Lotus Development; and of course Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft.

I might have even posted this one before… But I couldn’t resist. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of the week than with a good ‘ol 1983-cheese vintage Jobs/Gibbons/Kapor/Gates video clip.

This comes to you from the [wayback machine](, from a time before [Microsoft]( was the new evil empire, and Jobs and Gates were cordial, if not friendly. The video is kinda hokey, and definitely dated, but fun all the same. Enjoy.

Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave


Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave Until End of June: Tim Cook Takes Over Operations: Looks like Steve Job’s health issues are a little more than he or anyone else expected. In a media release yesterday, he published this email to all Apple employees

Best of luck Steve. I don’t know what [Apple]( will do without you. The last time you left for any period of time, the company tanked. I hope you have things on better footing now.

What’s Up at MacWorld?

The clock is counting down to the keynote at [MacWorld Expo](, the last to be attended by [Apple]( The [Apple Store]( is offline and getting updated with new products. I wonder what’s going to end up there.

Personally, I’m hoping that there’s an iPhone software update to deal with a couple of the little problems that bug me.

Waiting with baited breath 🙂