Welcome to CarneyWeb!

This is the place that I’ve been publishing content on the web since May of 1997! Yep, my blog has been online that long. There’s been periods of vigorous updates, and periods of virtually no content at all.

I’ve used the space as a place to expound on politics, keep you informed of the vacation adventures my family has had, and just to blurt out nonsense that I felt like blurting.

I’ve also used it as a place to experiment with software. Originally, the site was a bunch of static content maintained in a Userland Frontier database using the NewsPages plugin. Then I wrote a piece of my own software in PHP using a MySQL database as the storage. And recently, I decided I wanted to learn what this whole Ruby on Rails thing was about, so I rewrote the engine for the site in Ruby using the Rails framework. But, I’ve kinda had enough of maintaining my own software for this site and I’ve decided to reboot it with an open source blogging solution called Typo. I’ll add some of my own touches to the software, but I’ll let others develop and maintain it for me.

So, stay tuned here for family news, political rants, and other musings. I hope you still enjoy it.