Is The World Starting To Understand M$?

I’ve been preaching for years that [[M$]] is dead but doesn’t know it. Remember when IBM was the 500 lb. arrogant as hell gorilla? It’s still around but is a shadow of its former self, right? Well…

EVERY SO often, there is a big shift in an industry. The shifts are not usually visible until long after they’ve happened, making you look back and say: “Oh yeah, things were different back then”.

We are experiencing a major IT industry shift right now, and if you know where to look you can actually see it as it happens. This shift is all about Microsoft and open source.

Just as the press proclaims the inability of anyone to challenge the Redmond beast, control is slipping from Microsoft. As with any company faced with a huge loss of market share, Microsoft is acting predictably, pretending it is not happening, and putting on a smiley face when asked about prospects. On the inside, Microsoft is as scared as hell.

It’s started.