Re: The Oscars

You pegged this years ago. FOTR and TTT had respectable oscar showings, but
ROTK cleaned up – a well deserved reward for the series as a whole.

It was good that ROTK was such a strong movie – arguably the best of the three.

For me, it is tough to beat the feeling of seeing Gandalf ride up to Bag End. I don’t it really
was really surpassed until the charge of the Rohirrm(sp?) on the Pellenor fields. Or Gandalf
riding into Minas Tirith, or the Witch King watching his hosts issue forth from Minas Morgul,
or the showdown between Eowyn and uKnowHoo, or the absolutely stunning scene at
the Grey Havens, or … and then there was …. – you get the idea.

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