Worth Remembering 2004

What’s happened in the last year that we should remember.

    * My Uncle Maurice Layden passed away. I will never forget how he helped my mother when my father died.
    * My Aunt Joanne Carney passed away. She and the rest of the Carney’s in Weston always made everyone feel special.
    * All the men and women in the US Armed forces fighting for our protection and freedom
    * [[The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King]]. Thankfully, the series of movies finished on a high note and was faithful to the tone and story of the books.
    * The best [[Masters]] in recent memory. Phil Mickelson was what Tiger used to be: completely unflappable coming down the stretch.
    * One year on the new job
    * The [[Academy Awards 2004]]
    * Nicholas Berg