Research on our Birthday

I realized on the morning of July 4th that I didn’t really **know** what was in our constitution.

Oh sure, I know the basic principles and some of the key phrases, but the last time I actually read the thing was back in High School, and I didn’t pay much attention back then.

So, I reread the whole thing, and here are my [[The US Constitution]] on the US Constitution.

On reflection after a complete reading, I noticed one striking feature. In the entire document, there is nothing restricting the freedoms of individuals except the prohibition amendment which was later repealed! The entire document is about granting government specific responsibilities and guaranteeing the people certain rights.

Please consider this when you think of adding ammendments that restrict the rights of people just because you don’t like the consequences of those freedoms.

Also, although I’m not a John Kerry supporter, he was quoted today in the paper as saying:

I can’t take my Catholic belief, my article of faith, and legislate it on [one] who doesn’t share it.

This is exactly in the spirit of the Constitution. I may have my beliefs, but I have no right to enforce those beliefs on others.

This is why the Catholic Church is completely wrong in its denying communion to those Catholic politicians who vote in ways contrary to church canon. The people of the United States have a **higher calling** than that of their own faith… they are called to preserve the rights of people to have their own beliefs no matter how abhorent we may find them.

**You only believe in freedom if you believe in it for thoughts, speech, faith, behaviours that you hate**.