Welcome (back) to the Blogsphere CarneyWeb

Well, I’m back.

I’d like to lay claim to being one of the early adopters of blogging. My [first entry](http://www.carneyweb.com/681) first entry into my blog (back then I called it a news feed) was somewhat of an experiment. I’d started playing around with **Frontier*’ and grabbed a packed for it called ‘*News Page**.

I had been editing my website with **Claris Homepage*’ and it was coming along OK (for a real hoot, take a look at an [early version](http://web.archive.org/web/20010518205836rn_3/people.ne.mediaone.net/mikecarney/index.html) of the site). I had been toying with different technologies for maintaining the site, and eventually, ‘*Frontier** was the answer.

Eventually, **Frontier*’ went commercial and I couldn’t justify the cost for a hobbie so I started looking around for alternatives. I didn’t find any. Instead, since I’m a software engineer I decided to write my own version (a pale immitation, if I may say so) of ‘*Frontier** using [[PHP]] and [[MySQL]] as the implementation technologies. I got a working version up and running fairly quickly and kept making entries into my blog, but the technology past me by very quickly. The software was basically stagnant until just recently when I decided to work on hooking up the [[MetaWeblog]] interface using [XML-RPC](http://www.xml-rpc.com/.) I finally got it working, and along with an [[RSS]] feed, I feel like I’ve gotten back into the community.

I can now edit my weblog using any external weblog editor that supports the [[MetaWeblog]] api (soon the [[blogger]] api also), including the wonderful “MarsEdit from Ranchero Software](http://ranchero.com/.)

Also, [[CarneyWeb]] is now syndicated in an [RSS](http://www.carneyweb.com/rss/2) feed for those of you that are using news aggregators.

Anyway, I’m still working out the kinks of all the new software I’ve written, so be patient.