Million Dollar Baby

Clint Eastwood pulls off another great movie. This is the Rocky story with a decidedly different outcome.

Maggie is a looser. So is Frank. But they’re loosers for different reasons. She’s a looser because her entire life conspired to make her one. He’s a looser because he’s a winner that’s afraid to win.

Frank is a boxing trainer that’s been training for 40 ro 50 years. He’s had a few fighters that were close to being winners, but he’s never been able to take them all the way. For one reason or another, it’s never happened for him. In fact, his current fighter dumps him on the eve of his championship fight because Frank doesn’t have what it takes to take him all the way.

Maggie is a middle-aged woman that’s been fighting on the side to earn some money to make ends meet. She thinks that boxing may be her way out of a trailer trash life.