Seven dead in California postal shooting

[]( “A female former employee opened fire at a 24-hour postal service sorting facility in Goleta, California, killing six people and critically wounding another, before turning the gun on herself, authorities said early today. SWAT teams found seven people dead inside the building where about 40 to 50 people had been working, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Anderson said.”

I know EXACTLY where that is!!! I went to [[UCSB]] and lived right down the street from there while at school. I hope I didn’t know anybody that was killed (not likely I know… but wow that hits close to home!).

Exxon Mobil smashes U.S. profit records

[]( “Exxon Mobil Corp. set U.S. records for annual and quarterly profits Monday as it easily topped fourth-quarter earnings forecasts.”

But remember… there was no price gouging after the hurricanes. Right?

It’s Official… ALL Politicians are Corrupt

At least at some level. Take this for instance:

The staff of U.S. Rep Marty Meehan wiped out references to his broken term-limits pledge as well as information about his huge campaign war chest in an independent biography of the Lowell Democrat on a Web site that bills itself as the “world’s largest encyclopedia,” The Sun has learned.

The Meehan alterations on represent just two of more than 1,000 changes made by congressional staffers at the U.S. House of Representatives in the past six month.

Unbelievable. Why are these guys afraid of having their actual record available easily to the public? Because they are all corrupt.

It’s Official: Robertson a Moron

[]( “Television evangelist Pat Robertson suggested Thursday that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s stroke was divine retribution for the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, which Robertson opposed.”

Why do these evangelical conservative religio-fascists have to think that their god is is a vengeful god? I thought Jesus got rid of all that nonsense.

Prime Minister Sharon had a stroke because he’s old and a blood clot formed in an artery in his brain. ‘Nuff said.

Now you’re talking!

From [ZDNet]( “A US-based ISP has been awarded $11.2bn (£6.38bn) in a judgement against a Florida spammer who sent millions of unsolicited emails to its users.”

It’s about time there’s a reasonable fine against these vermin! Maybe if a few more of these types of awards happen, I won’t get 100 spams a day!

Christmas Thoughts

For the first time ever, the family wasn’t together for the entire holiday season. Right after Christmas, the kids and I headed to Florida to visit my mother, and Danae went to help out with my brother Scott and his wife Kristin.

Danae has had quite a bit of fun watching our nephew Ryan (no, Danae, we can’t have another kid!).

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