Why Not?

From [MacWorld UK](http://www.macworld.co.uk/:) “Writing in his blog, Business Week reporter Arik Hesseldahl talks about a recent HP analysts meeting.

He sat behind four analysts from Soleil-Cross Research, three of which were using MacBooks.

‘Now if you’ve never been to a meeting full of Wall Street financial analysts, let me tell you this: seeing a Mac in the room is a rare thing,’ he writes in his entry, which is called ‘Who says Macs aren’t used in business?’.”

I’m telling you, the writing is on the wall. Apple has successfully, and subtly change the question from **why?*’ to ‘*why not?**. You get a Mac, and it runs Windows too? No risk, right? Let’s say you get one and hate it…. set it to boot into Windows. BUT, let’s say you love it, and now you’re a convert. Brilliant.