Woods to have more surgery, miss rest of 2008 season

From Golf News : CBS SportsLine:

Golf just got a whole lot less interesting for the rest of this year.

Woods said Wednesday he will have season-ending knee surgery, revealing he has had a torn ligament in his left knee since last July.

And he suffered a double stress fracture of his left tibia while preparing to return to the PGA Tour last month, which forced him to miss the Memorial and was the source of his pain at Torrey Pines when he won the U.S. Open.

Yikes! I knew he was hurt, but a broken leg, torn meniscus, AND a torn ACL?

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most important of four strong ligaments connecting the bones of the knee joint… The function of the ACL is to provide stability to the knee and minimize stress across the knee joint…

And he STILL beat everyone? How is that even possible? Is he that much better than everyone else? I guess he answered that question last weekend.

Don’t worry though. Having gone through everything that [[Tiger]] is going through right now (many times), I can assure you that he’ll be back in fine form. Hey, if I can be playing golf right now on 2 knees with a total of 9 reconstructions, including 5 ACL reconstructions and a total knee replacement of my left knee at the age of 40 (I’m 42 now), and still walk 18 holes, I’m sure he’ll be able to do so after his third surgery and first ACL reconstruction.

Yo Retief… how stupid do you feel now? I’ve always thought you were a little aloof, and maybe a little arrogant, but now you are my least favorite player.

Your fellow European players think you’re kind of an a-hole too, and I couldn’t agree more.

I am now officially rooting against you from now on (you’re only the second golfer I’ve put on that list).