Makes IE8 Incompatibility List!

From Slashdot: Makes IE8 Incompatibility List!: nickull writes “Microsoft is tracking incompatible Web sites for its upcoming Internet Explorer 8 browser and has posted a list that now contains about 2,400 names — including Apparently, even though Microsoft’s IE8 team is doing the ‘right’ thing by finally making IE more standards-compliant, they are risking ‘breaking the Web’ because the vast majority of Web sites are still written to work correctly with previous, non-standards-compliant versions of IE.”

The irony in this is palpable, and it proves the old adage that what goes around comes around. Had Microsoft made an effort from the beginning to be standards compliant, they would not be in this embarrassing and ridiculous position of having their own product not work properly with their own web site. Now if we could just get them to realize that many of their products are good enough to win the competition on their own merits, and stop locking people into a vertical vendor specific, proprietary solution and embrace open standards across the board, we’d be onto something.

Yeah, and I’m really the 8th cylon.