Orson Welles Directing Batman?

Can you even imagine?

I guess this was a real project back in 1946 that didn’t quite take off.

However, things could have been very different if circumstances had been a little more in our favour shortly after the war. The embryonic superhero concept wasn’t even ten years old when perhaps the most illustrious director of his day, Orson Welles, seriously considered doing a Batman picture and even got as far as production designs, an early draft of a script and some casting photographs featuring various friends and colleagues in prototypes of what would eventually become the finished costumes.

Unbelievable! That would have been simply magnificent!

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Scarface is back in theatres for a short run.

###From Roger Ebert

The interesting thing is the way Tony Montana stays in the memory, taking on the dimensions of a real, tortured person. Most thrillers use interchangeable characters, and most gangster movies are more interested in action than personality, but “Scarface” is one of those special movies, like “The Godfather,” that is willing to take a flawed, evil man and allow him to be human. Maybe it’s no coincidence that Montana is played by Al Pacino, the same actor who played Michael Corleone.

I may just have to own this on DVD!!

Matresses Are Looking Pretty Good!

Windows will control 65% of all ATMs by 2005!

Within three years, most bank machines that dispense cash will run on the Windows operating system, according to a study published last week.

By 2005, 65 percent of bank ATMs (not including free-standing machines in places like convenience stores and casinos) in the United States will use a stripped-down version of Windows.

Yikes! Just what I want… a virus magnet to control my money!!

Can a 12 year old be sued?

The RIAA thinks so.

The music industry has turned its big legal guns on Internet music-swappers – including a 12-year-old Upper West Side girl who thought downloading songs was fun.

Can she be held accountable if she’s not an adult?

Influential CTO Switches

Chad Dickerson is CTO of InfoWorld.

On a recent Friday, weary from shopping for a new PC, I grabbed the 3-year-old G4 at my desk (a 450MHz processor, same as my Dell) and took it home to see what all the Mac and OS X fuss was about. My plan was to add it to my existing home network, which consisted of two PCs and a Linux server. I plugged the Mac into the fourth port on my four-port KVM switch, mostly excited about iTunes. My Linux-served MP3 collection forced my unwitting experiment in enterprise Mac integration.

Fast forward to Monday and the KVM switch is in storage. I don’t need it because the Mac does everything I need. It replaced the Linux server and one of the PC clients, and I’ve mainlined the keyboard and mouse directly into the Mac. My experience with OS X at home felt like crossing a chasm.

Now maybe more people will take notice.

Apple Increases Market Share!

Apple increased its market share last year.

In both consumer and educational markets.

…Apple’s consumer market share climbed from 1.5 per cent in June 2001 to 3.5 per cent in June 2003, adding that Apple’s US education market share had also climbed, from 15 to 16 per cent.

Could this be the beginning of a comeback for Apple? Stay tuned.

I’m Back

It’s been a while since I posted here, but now I’m back.

I just needed a break.

I’m back from a vacation and refreshed. I have some new ideas for the site, so keep an eye out.