Can a 12 year old be sued?

The RIAA thinks so.

The music industry has turned its big legal guns on Internet music-swappers – including a 12-year-old Upper West Side girl who thought downloading songs was fun.

Can she be held accountable if she’s not an adult?

Can Return of the King Deliver?

On the special features of the DVD for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers(), several of the people involved with the project state that the third installment is by far the best of the three.

Given the near perfection of the first two installments, is it possible for the third to actually be that good?

Influential CTO Switches

Chad Dickerson is CTO of InfoWorld.

On a recent Friday, weary from shopping for a new PC, I grabbed the 3-year-old G4 at my desk (a 450MHz processor, same as my Dell) and took it home to see what all the Mac and OS X fuss was about. My plan was to add it to my existing home network, which consisted of two PCs and a Linux server. I plugged the Mac into the fourth port on my four-port KVM switch, mostly excited about iTunes. My Linux-served MP3 collection forced my unwitting experiment in enterprise Mac integration.

Fast forward to Monday and the KVM switch is in storage. I don’t need it because the Mac does everything I need. It replaced the Linux server and one of the PC clients, and I’ve mainlined the keyboard and mouse directly into the Mac. My experience with OS X at home felt like crossing a chasm.

Now maybe more people will take notice.