Microsoft Touting Total Cost of Ownership?

I kinda hope that people start to realize that this should be the key measure of the cost of a computer system, not the initial purchase price.

Because Linux beats Windows on price, Microsoft has been forced to change gears and tout an operating system’s total cost of ownership as the new focal point which companies should consider when making their purchasing decisions. The following editorial contribution to osViews suggests that Microsoft’s new mantra is a moot point because Apple’s Macintosh already holds the TCO crown.

So, if Linux has the best up front cost and Macintosh has the best TCO. Where does that leave Microsoft?

Up shit creek apparently.

I’ve been trying to tell people this for years, but I’ve been able to convince them only rarely. So, if Microsoft starts to tout this, maybe they’ll listen and look up the facts and find out that Apple is the way to go.

One can only hope.