MacOSX Security Problems???

Not. From the beginning, MacOSX has been one of the most secure systems available.

According to the article:

Apple has released a range of patches for security holes – both old and new – for its Mac OS X operating system, which it advises users to download immediately.

The company is downplaying the issue but one security company at least is concerned that the vulnerabilities could be extremely serious. Secunia has given the five – yes, five – patches a “highly critical” rating and warned that they may allow hijacking, security bypass, data manipulation, privilege escalation, denial of service and system access.

But if you read the comments, clearly this is not the case.

For instance:

How do you support the ridiculously over-the-top sensationalism of your headline “MacOS X riddled with security holes”. There is NO evidence supporting this whatsoever.

The phrase “riddled with security holes” implies that there are a very large number of them, but your article does not provide any supporting information for this statement, and to my certain knowledge the number of “security holes” discovered for MacOS X is a very small fraction of those discovered so far for versions of Windows NT (NT4/W2K/XP), so if MacOS X is “riddled” with security holes, what does that make Windows? MegaSuperExtraGiga-Riddled perhaps??

If you own a Mac and have heard about these so-called security problems… rest easy.