You Have to Give Them Credit

The Democrats have done well in their convention.

Well, it’s happened.

The DNC has happened. The speeches are over.

I have to say that I’ve been quite impressed by the message sent during the convention. I was especially impressed with Bill Clinton’s speech (although I despise the man). Hi speech was absolutely awesome.

John Edwards wasn’t bad at all. The enthusiasm that he presented was infectious.

I was prepared for a let down from John Kerry. He certainly doesn’t have the charisma of Clinton, nor does he have the enthusiasm of Edwards. However, his message was on point and strong.

**I think George is in trouble.**

He just, at this moment, made me consider him. His quoting of Abraham Lincoln:

I don’t say that God is on our side, but humbly hope that we are on God’s side.

This is part of what has bugged the snot out of me about George Bush… his arrogance that he knows what God wants. It’s just like the radical Muslim clerics that think they know that God wants them to kill us.

**I have only one question for John Kerry… HOW?**