Another Take on Gay Marriage

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A while ago I wrote an article called [[Religion and Politics]] that covered this issue. But I didn’t write nearly as eloquently as David K. Every of [[]] did:

You don’t demonstrate that you value freedom by protecting your own rights; that’s just demonstrating self-interest (greed and selfishness). You do not demonstrate freedom by supporting laws that are tools of persecution and backed by force (or force of law) to make people do what you want them to do, or else. When you truly demonstrate that you value freedom and liberty is when you stand up and fight for the rights of someone (or some group) that you do not agree with, but prove that you value their freedom and liberty to do what they want, over the tyranny of the masses and making them do what you want.

Given that the guiding principal of our country is freedom (not morality, or “right” and “wrong”), I think that if everyone read the above paragraph objectively they’d agree… gay marriage should be legal. Not because it is “right” or “moral”, or because I agree with it, but because I value freedom.