A-Rod Should be Ashamed

Clearly the umpires made the right call.

Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.

A-Rod, I expected more from you.

I’m sitting here at 11:29pm watching the [[Red Sox]] beating the [[Yankees]] in game 6 of the [[2004 ALCS]]. Jeter makes a clutch hit to drive in a run with one out to make the score 4-2. Suddenly, A-Rod hits a little squib shot down the first base line and while tagging him out, Bronson Arroyo drops the ball. Yikes… here we go again.

Then we get to see the replay. Alex took an illegal swipe at Bronson’s glove to knock the ball out.

First off, why would you cheat like that Alex? I lost a lot of respect for you at that moment. Also, you have a lot of gaul to act surprised like that.

Kudos to the umpires for getting the call right!