Tiger an XP Killer

indextitle20050412.jpg“Gizmodo: “Oh, wow. Walt Mossberg, tech guru for the Polo shirt and boat shoes crowd, says that Tiger is a real XP killer](http://www.gizmodo.com/.) He especially likes Spotlight and the new RSS feature in Safari—in which Gizmodo will be a default destination come tomorrow afternoon. Woo woo!

Anyway, Walt really likes Dashboard and Parental Controls but said there are some issues with slow-down in initial releases, but nothing a good upgrade to a dual CPU G5 won’t fix.”

I already have it on order. The early reviews are spectacular!

Meet the new Pope… Same as the old Pope

I have to say that I’m quite disappointed with the Church over their choice of Pope. This is the guy that said that the priest pedophile scandal in the Boston church was just exaggeration by the media! This is the guy that insinuated himself into the US Presidential election process telling priests to deny John Kerry communion!

Please, please, please… let him be more thoughtful as Pope than he was as Cardinal.

State balks at $11m in school costs

[Boston Globe — Front Page](http://www.boston.com/news/globe/pageone:) “The state has told 14 cities and towns it won’t pay $11 million of their school building costs because they paid more interest than the state permits on construction loans and purchased a slew of unauthorized items, including floral arrangements and a pickup truck.”

Whew! At least my town’s not on the list!!! We’re already running a deficit!