2-Year OpenOffice High School Case Study

Michael writes ‘NewsForge (a Slashdot sister site) is carrying a 2-year OpenOffice case-study on a Detroit high school who switched from Windows NT and MS Office 97 to Linux and OpenOffice. The results? Better than expected. In 2003, the school, who saved over $100,000 in the process, converted 110 Windows NT machines to Linux with OpenOffice. After several surprising developments, including OpenOffice’s ability to open old Word documents that even the new Word versions were having troubles with, the school now uses it almost exclusively, has classes on it’s use, and encourages students to use it whenever possible.

YEAH! OK, I know what you’re saying: “But you’re a Mac user!?!?! How could you like the idea that something other than a Mac is succeeding?” Well, it’s kinda like my feelings about the Yankees… as long as ANYBODY BUT THE YANKEES wins the World Series, I’m a happy guy.