Motorola iTunes Phone First Look Again Perhaps (Maybe)


From purportedly leaked internal documents, here’s a first look at the Motorola iTunes phone. The most striking feature is clearly the scroll wheel, which could come into play for even non-music things like moving through stored phone numbers. There also appear to be dedicated buttons on the side—that’s not quite as ‘iPoddy’ as one would hope.

*Update: Mac Observer has a lot of details about how to expect this to work.*

This looks awesome! The only problem is **Verizon**. They’ve decided that this sort of device won’t give them enough opportunity for profit, so they’re not going to allow it to be used with their service. Get this… they think that if I want to listen to music on my phone I should have to pay them to get it on my phone! Let’s think about this for a second…
* I have a phone
* I have a computer
* I have a cable between them
* The Verizon network is nowhere in the picture
* But I have to pay them to do this?

What kind of extortion is this!

They did something similar on the Motorola V710 Bluetooth phone. Although bluetooth allows you to transfer files from one device to another, they’ve disabled this feature to force you to pay for their service to do exactly that.

You want to have that nice picture of your kid as the background on the screen of the phone? You gotta pay Verizon to get it there. Yeah… that makes sense.

I gotta tell you guys at Verizon… you’re rapidly loosing this customer.