Working Very Well for Them

[New Urban Legends]( “Former first lady Barbara Bush said that New Orleans refugees being housed in the Houston Astrodome were ‘underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them.'”

This is **TRUE**! My God… I may have to rethink my affiliations. I’ve had several friends try and tell me for years the the Republican Party doesn’t give a damn about anybody but the wealthy… and apparently they were right. I’ve never registered as a Republican, but I’ve always believed the “smaller government, less spending, lower taxes, etc.” mantra that they’ve always spouted off on (and which they are clearly no longer believers, but rather just parrots of the party line). I can’t think of any reason to align myself with Republicans anymore.

This is truly horrifying.

I think the Libertarians will be getting my votes from now on [[:-)]].