Trying something new with OPML

Well, I’ve been playing with the OPML editor from blog-god Dave Winer. It turns out that there’s a package that speaks the metaweblog api. CarneyWeb speaks metaweblog also. So, I’m trying to get this working with CarneyWeb…. stay tuned.

First thing to check… do new outline lines become paragraphs in the weblog? Check.

For those of you that don’t know, check out the [[Why did I write Vanila?]] page. CarneyWeb started as a [[Frontier]] page and only stopped because [[Frontier]] stopped being free (it was more of a hobby and technology exploration than anything else… I couldn’t see paying for however it was maintained). I’m glad I made the switch… I learned PHP and MySQL in the process, but it’s gonna be a lot of fun being able to manage the blog on CarneyWeb with an outliner again! Time to start wiping the dust of the neurons in my brain that speak UserTalk!

It’s like coming home again.