Thinking about the past, present, and future

So, the job change is coming up on me fast. I’ve spent a whole lot of time thinking about where I am in my career and how I got here, what work was like when I started vs. what it’s like now vs. what I think I’m heading to at [[The MathWorks]].

I remember when I first started work… green as hell but full of energy. I became part of the recreation committee at [[LTX]], played on the softball team, joined the golf league and played bridge every day at lunch. The work itself was new and interesting…. I had never done anything like it before. It was fun, and all the recreational activities just enhanced all that making work a joy.

Over the years, all that changed…. slowly but surely all the after-work activities got cancelled, the work got to be mundane (i.e. [[SOSDD]]).

So, this job I’m going to… it sure feels like it could be a return to the good old days. I’ll be doing work I’ve never done before in an environment that’s completely unfamiliar. They have great recreational activities at this place (everything that got taken away at [[LTX]] is there!), and what sounds like a great atmosphere.

Sounds like just what I need to get reinvigorated