500 Miles on a 5-Minute Recharge?

From [Slashdot](http://slashdot.org/:) “ctroutwi writes ‘In the wake of rising gasoline costs there have been plenty of alternatives seen on the horizon. Including Hybrids, Biofuels, fuel cells and battery powered all electric cars. CNN has recently posted a story about a company (EEStor) that plans on offering UltraCapacitor storage products. The claim being that you charge the ultracapacitor in 5 minutes, with approximately $9 of electricity and then drive 500 miles.'”

This is exactly the sort of thing we need. It’s a win-win-win:

# Cheaper that gasoline
# Fast refuel
# Less dependence on foreign oil

Next stop: [Who Killed the Electric Car](http://www.netflix.com/MovieDisplay?movieid=70052424&trkid=189530&strkid=707930674*0*0.)