It’s Official… Gandalf is Back

From [Sci Fi Wire](

British actor Ian McKellen told Empire magazine that he will reprise the role of the wizard Gandalf in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the Reuters news service reported.

Could anybody else EVERY play Gandalf? I think NOT!

Woods sidelined by knee operation

From [BBC Sport | Golf | World Edition](

Tiger Woods is set to be out of action for between four to six weeks after arthroscopic surgery on his left knee.

Well, maybe that explains a few things…. like why he couldn’t turn the ball over and keep it in those right-to-left fairways? Still, he managed to finish second at the [[Masters]].

This is [[Tiger]]’s third knee surgery. I hope they can fix whatever is giving him a hard time. Being a veteran of 9 which ultimately led to a total knee replacement at the age of 40, I sure hope he’s not going down the same path that I did.

Best of luck [[Tiger]]!