‘Old’ Soul: Augusta National

From Golf Digest:

‘Old’ Soul: Augusta National: Golf Digest: Given Bobby Jones and Alister Mackenzie’s deep ties to St. Andrews, it comes as little surprise that the Old Course was on their minds during Augusta National’s 1931 design phase and 1932 construction. But the extent to which St. Andrews influenced the genetic code of several key holes has been understood by a select few.

I’d have to agree with this assessment. In his book The Spirit of St. Andrews, Alister Mackenzie went on and on about the genius of St. Andrews and how he tried to incorporate many of that courses features into his designs. With [The Masters](http://www.masters.com) just around the corner, I can’t wait to take another look at his masterpiece.

Upgrade to WordPress

After much hemming and hawing, thinking about upgrading to the most recent version of Typo, a fantastic Ruby on Rails blogging system, I decided to go a different direction with the site and adopt WordPress. Boy am I glad I did!

This will be the 6th incarnation of CarneyWeb.com:

# Static HTML
# Userland Frontier site management
# Custom PHP/MySQL software written by me
# Custom Ruby on Rails software written by me
# Typo blogging system
# and now [[WordPress.org]]

One of the main drawbacks with Typo for me was that it was a Ruby on Rails application. Now, before all my Rails friends get in a tizzy, let me explain. First off, let me say, I love Rails and everything it brings to the table for web app development. My main problem is that my site is running on an old, resource limited mac and Rails really is a resource hog. I noticed the time it took to spin up a new instance of Typo after the site had been inactive for a while… it was downright painful. It turns out that PHP is just much more resource friendly, and because I have the zend engine and eAccelerator installed which do a fantastic job in optimizing PHP scripts for performance.

Now, on to WordPress.

WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform with thousands of plugins for site customization, and is way more feature complete than Typo. I’ve also switch my [band’s](http://www.8misbehavin.com) site over to WordPress from a static site maintained in [RapidWeaver](http://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/) (a great product by the way) as well, and will probably switch over my iPhone development company’s [site](http://www.sweet-spot-software.com) too.