Lindows a Success

Good for the customers! is reporting that sales of the $199 PCs have exceeded expectations. Although CNN terms them “full fledged, if low power,” it seems customers don’d mind all that much if their computer does not run Windows and doesn’t carry an Intel processor.

People are starting to see. You don’t really *need* [[M$]] stuff!

Sony Understands

Sony is dumping [[M$]]in Europe.

Sun Microsystems announced a deal Wednesday to install Sun’s StarOffice software on some European Sony PCs, marking another defection from dominant Microsoft products.

Yahoo! Another victory!

Does the Judge Have the Balls?

He’s got the comparison correct

A federal judge on Thursday compared Microsoft’s behavior toward Sun Microsystems to the 1994 knee-clubbing of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan.

The question is, when will the government put it all together and see [[M$]] for what it is… a parasite on our society!

M$ Is Getting Nervous

This comes from the **We Can Only Hope** department.

Microsoft Chief Financial Officer John Connors said on Wednesday that the software giant’s future growth would be hurt if the rival Linux operating system was to establish a foothold on desktop computers.