Tiger Has Knee Surgery

He’ll miss the opening event of the 2003 season.

His knee has been bothering him all year.

The one-hour procedure was performed by Dr. Thomas D. Rosenberg at HealthSouth Surgical Center to remove fluid inside and outside the anterior cruciate ligament. Benign cysts were also removed.

That doesn’t sound too drastic (and I should know [[:-)]]).

A Review from a Fan

Quickbeam, from [[TheOneRing.net]] was at the press screening in NYC.

The Two Towers is a huge, spectacular movie that differs in tone from its predecessor. There are fewer moments of relaxing wonderment. Instead, PJ brings the story up high to thrill you, then brings his focus back to grief and heartache. It is an unusual thing for such a big time blockbuster movie. I sense the risk he is taking here. The audience that comes in for just a pleasant diversion is in for quite a different ride.

It sounds like it has all the depth of the book. I can’t wait!!!!!

A Broken Law

Finally, Cardinal Law has gotten around to doing what even President Nixon figured out: the office is more important than him or his legacy and it’s time to resign.

Pope John Paul II, in a dramatic recognition of the damage done to the church by Law’s repeated failure to remove abusive priests from ministry, yesterday accepted the resignation of the longtime Roman Catholic archbishop.

And it’s about time. Perhaps now, we can try to do the right thing by the victims and get these corrupt pedophile priests out of circulation!

Also, maybe the Pope will realize that allowing priests to be married, though it won’t solve the problem, will drastically curtain the number of freaks that try to enter the priesthood saturating it instead with people who lead normal lives and want to serve God.