Worried About Changes in TTT?

Don’t be.

Suffice it to say, numerous small liberties and a few large ones have been taken with the storyline, on both sides of the Anduin… This is a necessity, and PJ in his wisdom clearly knew it, and bit the bullet here for the good of the Great Tale as a whole… [the reason for] the change is fairly clear: Timing…

Grab your paperback copy of “The Return of the King.” Find the page that begins the appendices. Now measure the actual book’s thickness against “Fellowship” and the Two Towers.” There’s the problem.

Could you sell three films, one that runs three hours, one that runs four hours and the last one that runs about 80 minutes? Aha….

The Changes in The Two Towers Leave Us In Almost Exactly The Same Place That Total Faithfulness Would Have Done. The remainder of the book versions of The Two Towers and The Return of the King can proceed on film next year, and give us what all of us knew would be the trilogy’s greatest installment, all along: the Finale.

Sorry about the long quote, but all of that needed to be there. It sounds to me like there are some major changes, but the net effect is to leave us ready for a great third installment that can remain faithful to the book.

In the end, **I trust Peter**!