MPEG-4 backers protest Microsoft license

Proponents of MPEG-4 are decrying Microsoft’s new licensing fees for rival technology, saying that the pricing poses unfair competition and threatens consumer choice.

By undercutting the price, critics say, Microsoft is threatening the industry’s natural tendency to migrate to open standards that allow many companies to work together seamlessly to service mass media with better choice.

And as we know from an [[Abuse of Power by M$]], [[M$]] is only making money on its Windows and Office products… all other products are loosing money, including this one now.


It can afford to shoulder big losses in the areas where it wishes to be the dominant force for a very long time.

When will the government learn?

Just to make sure you remember which one of these is evil:

Companies, including Microsoft, RealNetworks and Apple Computer, have developed advanced codecs… and all the companies are jockeying for dominance in PC and non-PC markets. But while Microsoft is pushing for adoption of its proprietary technology by consumer-electronics manufacturers and content owners, [[Apple]] and RealNetworks have turned to support of MPEG-4.

‘Nuff said.