Vacation Update

So far so good.

Well, it’s been interesting so far. We’ve hit Amsterdam and London and are currently in Brighton on the south coast of England. Stay tuned for pictures!!

Tiger Has Knee Surgery

He’ll miss the opening event of the 2003 season.

His knee has been bothering him all year.

The one-hour procedure was performed by Dr. Thomas D. Rosenberg at HealthSouth Surgical Center to remove fluid inside and outside the anterior cruciate ligament. Benign cysts were also removed.

That doesn’t sound too drastic (and I should know [[:-)]]).

A Review from a Fan

Quickbeam, from [[]] was at the press screening in NYC.

The Two Towers is a huge, spectacular movie that differs in tone from its predecessor. There are fewer moments of relaxing wonderment. Instead, PJ brings the story up high to thrill you, then brings his focus back to grief and heartache. It is an unusual thing for such a big time blockbuster movie. I sense the risk he is taking here. The audience that comes in for just a pleasant diversion is in for quite a different ride.

It sounds like it has all the depth of the book. I can’t wait!!!!!

A Broken Law

Finally, Cardinal Law has gotten around to doing what even President Nixon figured out: the office is more important than him or his legacy and it’s time to resign.

Pope John Paul II, in a dramatic recognition of the damage done to the church by Law’s repeated failure to remove abusive priests from ministry, yesterday accepted the resignation of the longtime Roman Catholic archbishop.

And it’s about time. Perhaps now, we can try to do the right thing by the victims and get these corrupt pedophile priests out of circulation!

Also, maybe the Pope will realize that allowing priests to be married, though it won’t solve the problem, will drastically curtain the number of freaks that try to enter the priesthood saturating it instead with people who lead normal lives and want to serve God.

Frodo vs. The Godfather

This reviewer states that the **Lord of the Rings*’ trilogy has unseated ‘*The Godfather** trilogy as the greatest achievement in cinema history.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy beats the cannolis out of The Godfather…The fact is that The Two Towers has demonstrated that you can improve on perfection and deliver a sequel more thrilling, of even greater visual splendour and emotional depth than its predecessor. A true rarity in cinema, last demonstrated by The Godfather Part II… Yet the reason Lord of the Rings pushes The Godfather off its plinth is the sheer scale, the bold ambition, the multitude of complexities conquered to bring what is less a movie and more a miracle to the screen.

Wow! That’s some incredible praise! Only 7 more days!!!!

Worried About Changes in TTT?

Don’t be.

Suffice it to say, numerous small liberties and a few large ones have been taken with the storyline, on both sides of the Anduin… This is a necessity, and PJ in his wisdom clearly knew it, and bit the bullet here for the good of the Great Tale as a whole… [the reason for] the change is fairly clear: Timing…

Grab your paperback copy of “The Return of the King.” Find the page that begins the appendices. Now measure the actual book’s thickness against “Fellowship” and the Two Towers.” There’s the problem.

Could you sell three films, one that runs three hours, one that runs four hours and the last one that runs about 80 minutes? Aha….

The Changes in The Two Towers Leave Us In Almost Exactly The Same Place That Total Faithfulness Would Have Done. The remainder of the book versions of The Two Towers and The Return of the King can proceed on film next year, and give us what all of us knew would be the trilogy’s greatest installment, all along: the Finale.

Sorry about the long quote, but all of that needed to be there. It sounds to me like there are some major changes, but the net effect is to leave us ready for a great third installment that can remain faithful to the book.

In the end, **I trust Peter**!

Oscar Watch Says TTT Is the Best

Yet another great review!

I cannot give high enough praise to this film. It is the year’s best film, and a milestone in cinema history….

I cannot give high enough praise to this film. It is the year’s best film, and a milestone in cinema history.

Only a couple more weeks!!!

The Hollywood Reporter Loves TTT!

Talk about gushing!

There’s some with spoilers, and some without. I’ve included the summaries here.

Well on its way to becoming one of the greatest achievements in cinema history with last year’s Oscar-winning first installment, filmmaker Peter Jackson’s grand realization of “The Lord of Rings” epic by J.R.R. Tolkien continues with “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.”

IBM Now a CM Vendor?

This is very interesting.

IBM will pay $2.1 billion in cash to acquire development tool maker Rational Software, the companies said Friday.

I don’t really understand this. What could [[Rational]] have that would benefit IBM except a good bottom line?

Lindows a Success

Good for the customers! is reporting that sales of the $199 PCs have exceeded expectations. Although CNN terms them “full fledged, if low power,” it seems customers don’d mind all that much if their computer does not run Windows and doesn’t carry an Intel processor.

People are starting to see. You don’t really *need* [[M$]] stuff!