2003 State of the Union Address

What does George have to say about how the country is right now.

Well, it’s been a year since the last State of the Union address. It’s been quite a year for me personally, and for the country as a whole. What does President Bush have to say about it?

I’ll be commenting on this as he speaks.


Everyone is giving George a standing ovation. According to Coakie, this is for the office, not for George.

Lady’s and gentlemen… the President of the United States.


Things are changing… we have decisions to make as a country. We’re going to be ready for anybody that threatens us. I’m glad that got a universal standing ovation.

We’re going to deal with our problems now, not leave them for the future. Nice thought George.


* Education: It’s interesting that he starts off the speech with education.
* Homeland Security
* Tax Relief
* Dealing with corporate fraud

###It’s the economy stupid

It’s good to hear George acknowledge the problems with the economy and vow to make an effort to fix the problem. It’s interesting that he thinks that a miniscule tax break for average people will fix the problem. It really has to be corporate.

And what about revenue?

* Get rid of the marriage penalty
* Child tax credit increase
* Small business tax breaks

###I hate partisan standing ovations… just sit down already!!!!

* Dividend tax elimination… yeah, it’s unfair, but it won’t help now.
* Deal with the deficit by growing the economy and increasing revenue, not by raising taxes… I like that.
* Federal spending shoulddn’t increase faster than the cost of live… YES!
* Partial privatization of social security… YES!!!
* Affordable health care… that got everyone standing. But HOW??? Certainly not with a centralized federal health care system.
* Federal subsidies for low income families to get health care.
* It’s timee to put the people back in charge of their own medical care. YES!
* Medicare needs a lot of help.
* I’m getting really sick of HEARING about a prescription drug programs… let’s get it done!!!
* Get rid of bad lawsuits… YES!!!! This is the whole problem and the main reason that costs are skyrocketing.

###Energy and the Environment

* conservation, clean energy… is it enough?
* Innovation is the key to environmental protection.
* We’re going to lead the way to hydrogen powered automobiles… $2 billion… YEAH. You gotta love that!
* This will lower our oil dependence. Wow, I just wonder if it’s as good as it sounds.

###Faith based initiative

* I don’t like this at all… it’s not the place of the federal government to fund work done by religious institutes.
* Mentors are good… he’s gonna fund mentorship programs.


* Drug addiction is bad… DUH!
* We’re going to start treating drug addiction as a medical problem… well, he got that right.

###Now, we go to abortion

* End partial birth abortion… I think that all reasonable people agree that this is horrifying and should stop. Will everyone stand up and be counted? Not likely.
* No human cloning

###Now we’re to it… the War on terrorism

* We’re going to invest in Afganistan and educate the children
* Support Israel
* Support Palestine… whatever.
* Let’s help aids victims in Africa… YES!!! Do we really have the will to do the right thing here? If we do, it’ll help our standing around the world.
* $15 billion for aids relief… WOW!!!!

###We’re winning the war on terrorism

* OK… but how?
* We’ve caught a bunch of Al Queda leaders
* 3000 suspected terrorists arrested
* many more have met another fate and are no longer a problem. YEAH! Go get ’em george!!!
* We’ve shut them down in many places around the world
* They’re learning the meaning of American Justice.
* Balistic Missile defense? Are we finally getting there?

###Free People will set the course of history

* Nice quote.
* Here comes the link to Iraq…
* We’ve kicked ass for the last hundred years against wanabes, and we’re gonna do it again. YEAH!

###America’s purpose is more than to follow a process, it’s to achieve a result

* The course of this nation does not depend on the decision of others
* The US supports the rights of Iranians to live free and choose their own government
* North Korea sucks
* America will not be blackmailed
* Saddam Hussein has never listened to the UN and disarmed.