Lance Armstrong blows away rivals

[]( “Lance Armstrong took a decisive step toward a seventh consecutive Tour de France victory, recapturing the overall leader’s yellow jersey by blowing away his main rivals Tuesday on this year’s first Alpine stage.”

British Open Week!

I can’t wait for this year’s British Open at St. Andrews. I just finished reading a book entitled **The Spirit of St. Andrews*’ by ”’Dr. Alister MacKenzie**. The book is kind of a philosophical essay on how a golf course ”should* be architected. During the course of the book, he makes a strong case that St. Andrews is the greatest course in the world, not for its extreme beauty, but rather for the strategic decisions that confront golfers on every hole. The architect (if there even was one) doesn’t dictate how the hole should be played, but rather the golfer does. For instance, he describes in great detail the 11th hole in which each member of his foursome took completely different routes to the hole, varying in direction up to 100 yards left or right from the midline of the fairway in an effort to play around various hazards that are on the hole.

He also spoke of how, in his view, a hole cannot be truly great unless it can be played in its entirety with a putter! That is, a great hole should not exclude beginners who have difficulty carrying their shots long distances. But at the same time, it needs to be interesting and challenging to the professional.

Well, anyway, watch this week and you’ll see some golf unlike any that’s played elsewhere. It should be a lot of fun.