Re: News for 10/24/97 and 7/14/05

Sweeney family reunion information from

Dear Michael –

This is a distant relative writing to tell you that I had found myself on your site when I googled myself. You must be related to Dr. James (& Toni nee Diamond) Carney, the dermatologist in Lakewood, Ohio. He worked on the Carney-Moran-Griffin family tree & has told my father that he & my father (Joe Sweeney) are second cousins. My father’s e-mail is, and he and my uncles are working on a family tree (I know the original tree that you got your information from was prepared by my father & Uncle Edwin, because of the misspellings.)

Our greatgrandfather came from Roscommon, according to my father who is sitting here as I type. We are having a family reunion in Roanoak, WVa at the Stonewall Jackson Lake Lodge the weekend of August 12-14, 2005. I couldn’t pull up the information I found the first time I logged on. How do I access it?

I am a Sweeney-Kelly (28 of us we went to Ireland last year on a bus trip around the southern half of the Isle), and we have a common progenitor (sp?) named Darby Thornton. This may come up in your family tree?

When you have time, please e-mail back with any info that may link us.
Yours in family, Suzan Marie Sweeney

Intel Developer Macs Outperform G5s

[Slashdot]( “bonch writes ‘Developers working with the new Intel-based, developer-only Macs are impressed with the performance. The machines take as little as 10 seconds to boot from Apple logo to desktop, and apparently run Windows XP at ‘blazing speeds.’ Rosetta tests demonstrate the PowerPC-native build of Firefox running just as fast as it does on a high-end G5.'”