Re: News for 10/24/97 and 7/14/05

Sweeney family reunion information from

Dear Michael –

This is a distant relative writing to tell you that I had found myself on your site when I googled myself. You must be related to Dr. James (& Toni nee Diamond) Carney, the dermatologist in Lakewood, Ohio. He worked on the Carney-Moran-Griffin family tree & has told my father that he & my father (Joe Sweeney) are second cousins. My father’s e-mail is, and he and my uncles are working on a family tree (I know the original tree that you got your information from was prepared by my father & Uncle Edwin, because of the misspellings.)

Our greatgrandfather came from Roscommon, according to my father who is sitting here as I type. We are having a family reunion in Roanoak, WVa at the Stonewall Jackson Lake Lodge the weekend of August 12-14, 2005. I couldn’t pull up the information I found the first time I logged on. How do I access it?

I am a Sweeney-Kelly (28 of us we went to Ireland last year on a bus trip around the southern half of the Isle), and we have a common progenitor (sp?) named Darby Thornton. This may come up in your family tree?

When you have time, please e-mail back with any info that may link us.
Yours in family, Suzan Marie Sweeney