That Tivo might become illegal!

[Slashdot ](

Congress is leaving a special gift under the tree for Hollywood’s film industry. Just before closing for the holidays, legislators introduced a new proposal designed to curb redistribution of movies.The Digital Transition Content Security Act would embed anticopying technology into the next generation of digital video products. If it makes its way from Capitol Hill to the Oval Office and becomes law, the measure will outlaw the manufacture or sale of electronic devices that convert analog video signals into digital video signals, effective one year from its enactment. PC-based tuners and digital video recorders are listed among the devices.

Unbelievable. Why can’t these guys have the same attitude toward content that they have toward **guns**! Think about it… they don’t want to outlaw guns, because then only criminals would have them. Why would they restrict law abiding citizens that aren’t redistributing content, but just keeping it for personal use (can you say Tivo?)!!!!!