What an Embarassment

OK. **Everybody listen up!**

You **need** to lighten up!!!!

The Medway Middle School ordered children not to sing any religious songs in Friday’s holiday concert. Students were also told to refer to Christmas trees as magical trees. Red hats have also been banned.

The move comes after two parents complained about references to Christmas in the program.

If you’re offended by *Merry Christmas”, you’re an idiot. If you’re a christian and you’re offended by ”Happy Holidays*, you’re also an idiot. If you’re offended by kids singing Christmas carols, **you need to get a life**! I’m getting completely sick of all this bullshit.

This means you Bill O’Reilly… you’re an idiot.

**Merry Christmas!*’ and ”’Happy Holidays”’ and ‘*Happy Chanukah**!

Remember what Bill and Ted said…. **be excellent to each other!**.