Mac vs. PC System Shootouts – $3,200 Workstations 08/09/06

For those of you who think that the Mac is still too exensive:

NOTE: Normally, after matching other hardware specs, keeping the hardware specs in line with each other includes making sure that if one system includes a display, the other system includes one as well. In this particular case, the price discrepancy was so great between the two systems that I made an exception.

As a result, the Apple system includes the $699 20[-)”. Cinema Display, while the Dell only includes the tower. For an alternate comparison, remove the Cinema Display, add Apple’s AppleCare warranty (3 years of both hardware & software support) for $249, and you’re still left with a $450 price advantage for the Mac Pro.

Follow the link to the page for a full comparison to see how it all stacks up.

I’m gettin’ one of these at work next week ]

Very cool.