Zune’s Viral DRM Will Violate Creative Commons

From [Slashdot](http://slashdot.org/:) “lopy writes ‘Medialoper has noted that Zune’s highly touted wireless file sharing will infect otherwise unprotected audio files with proprietary DRM. In cases where users are sharing songs covered by any of the Creative Commons licenses, this would be a clear violation of those license. From the CC FAQ: ‘If a person uses DRM tools to restrict any of the rights granted in the license, that person violates the license.’ It’ll be interesting to see how and if the CC community responds.’ An anonymous reader wrote in mentioning a post to the Crave blog, relatedly exploring how the Zune stacks up to the iPod.”

This is supposed to be the iPod killer? Hasn’t any else figured it out yet? People want to OWN their music.