CarneyWeb is Dead…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and now it’s time for an explanation.

Well, there’s lots of reasons really, but it really just boiled down to the fact that I was bored with it. I had written the software for the website as a way to learn new technologies. First, it was Userland Frontier, and then PHP and MySQL. These were technologies that I didn’t know, and it made for some fun while adding the content to the site.

Well, the site’s been basically unchanged in several years. I wrote a bunch of software and it’s worked great… until now. Back in January, we decided that our original iMac from 1998 was really starting to show its age, and we really needed something new. So, we got a 20 inch iMac with an Intel dual core processor…. **sweet**.

There was only one problem. The only versions of PHP and MySQL that I could get to run on the machine (easily) were not compatible with all the software I had already written. What a drag. Now, if I was going to get my site back up and running, I had to go back into this software that I was really bored with and get it updated to run in the new environment. I couldn’t get motivated to do it.

Then, while at work, I started talking to some people about a sort of new thing, something called Ruby on Rails. Hmmm…. maybe I could do something with that.