Maker of Anti-Clinton Video Outed, Loses Job

From [Slashdot](

Raul654 writes ‘Philip de Vellis, the author of the anti-Hilary Clinton viral video was outed yesterday on the Huffington Post. The company he worked for, Blue State Digital — a Democratic Internet strategy company that does work for Barack Obama — has now fired him as a result. Said Vellis: ‘I made the ‘Vote Different’ ad because I wanted to express my feelings about the Democratic primary, and because I wanted to show that an individual citizen can affect the process.’

Say it with me… **ridiculous**. It was a great parody, and got people talking. He did it on his own time. His company supports Obama. Everything fits together like it should and there’s no reason he should get fired.

Textile It Is

It took a while, but I finally made the decision to go with textile as the text markup of choice for documents posted on CarneyWeb. It’s far more expressive than MarkDown (in my opinion), and it’s a standard.

From now on, documents may no longer contain HTML. Use the Textile format instead.

Spring Has (almost) Sprung

It’s almost time for the last rite of passage from winter into spring. That’s right, we’re just two weeks from [[The Masters]] golf tournament… the most storied tournament on the greatest (well, one of the greatest) golf courses ever designed.

The story line this year (as it seemingly is every year since 1997 when [[Tiger]] burst onto the scene) is whether or not [[Tiger]] can continue his dominance of the even and win it for a staggering fifth time. He’s currently tied with Arnold Palmer for second place in Masters victories. Only Jack Nicklaus’s six is still in front of him. He’s passed Hogan, Nelson, Snead, Faldo, Price, and other notables… and he’s still only **30 years old!**.