CarneyWeb Anniversary

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Is April 1, the 10th birthday of Scripting News. Right now, nothing special planned. If you have an idea, post something and point to this post. We’ll all see it in [Technorati](


Wow. Has it been that long? The 10th anniversary of this blog is on 6/21/1997. I was an early adopter of [[Userland Frontier]], while it was free and before it became commercial sometime around 1999 or 2000. I based the early versions of this site on the NewsPage suite, and that eventually evolved into the concept of blogging.

Time sure does fly.

N. Ireland gets historic agreement – The Boston Globe

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Launching an improbable partnership in Northern Ireland, Rev. Ian Paisley, who long epitomized the ‘Ulster Says No’ hard line of Protestant unionists, and Gerry Adams, a former commander and public face of the Irish Republican Army, agreed yesterday to form a power-sharing government in Belfast.

How long will it last? Who knows, but cheers to you Rev. Paisley and Mr. Adams. Is this a first step to a peaceful, unified Ireland with the British finally pulling out? Time will tell, but it’s a step nonetheless.