A decade of Scripting News

From [Scripting News](http://www.scripting.com/:)

On this day, ten years ago, a weblog named Scripting News appeared for the first time at this address. Today, it is the longest continuing running weblog on the Internet. This site played a big role in several important trends…It helped bootstrap the blogging world. The earliest weblogs were patterend after this site. The software that was used to build those blogs came from Scripting News.

Many thanks Dave! I was one of those early adopters that shamelessly stole from you in the early days…. remember the NewsPage suite?

Take a look in the [wayback machine](http://web.archive.org/web/20010518205836rn_3/people.ne.mediaone.net/mikecarney/index.html.) Yikes what an ugly site! [[:-)]].

The site actually started in [1997](http://www.carneyweb.com/document/show/683.) It was really just a happy coincidence that I found [[Frontier]] at the same time that Dave was getting his mojo going with [[Scripting News]]. I “talked:http://www.carneyweb.com/document/show/883 about it a bit several years ago. Dave definitely set me off in a direction that changed how I viewed what websites could and should be, and even changed my career path a bit.

Thanks Dave!