Agony at Augusta

Remember the **[[Carnage at Carnoustie]]*’? Or how about the ”'[[Shamble at Shinnecock]]”’? How about the ”'[[Pasting at Pinhurst]]”’? These major championiships where the pros were made to look like mere mortals on the golf course? Well, this year’s [[Masters]] joins the ranks of major championships that has completely kicked the collective asses of the best players in the world.

I’ve never seen anything like this.

Has [[Tiger]] ever gone bogey/bogey on the last two holes in a round, ‘*twice** in one tournament? Yeah, I know, 2 years ago he did that in the final round to bring [[Chris DiMarco]] back into the tournament and almost giving him the win, but that wasn’t twice.

And beyond that, when he walked off the course at the end of that disaster, did you think he’d end up playing in the final group as all those that came in behind him fell apart also?

Prediction: Tiger wins his fifth.