Augusta for Long Hitters?

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With the undulating Augusta National measuring 7,445 yards, many are saying the modern-day Masters is the sole preserve of the big-hitters. But as top coach Pete Cowan told me last year: “The thing you need around Augusta is a fantastic short game” every champion has been brilliant around the greens.” Cowan’s theory is validated when you consider that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have won five of the last six Masters between them. While they are among golf’s biggest hitters they also possess the best short games in the sport.

How could anybody seriously think that Augusta is the perview of long hitters? That’s one of the lamest things I’ve ever heard. Augusta’s MAIN defense is its greens and the difficult short game shots required to get close on those greens. Cowan definitely has it right.

‘A Christmas Story’ director killed in crash

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Film director Bob Clark, best known for the holiday classic [[A Christmas Story]], was killed with his son Wednesday in a head-on crash with a vehicle that a drunken driver steered into the wrong lane, police and the filmmaker’s assistant said.

This is a sad way to go for the man that directed the greatest Christmas movie of all time. I hope he has his official “…Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time” up in heavan, and not a devil telling him he’ll shoot his eye out.